Hi there!

Are you an outdoor engaged couple and want something more than a "regular" wedding?

You want a day that reflects who your couple really is?

You are suffocating with the planning of your wedding and just want a simple but beautiful ceremony?

You just want to have fun with your wedding pictures?

You are at the right place! You might not know it yet but elopements and small & intimate weddings are a thing. We can craft the wedding you want that ressemble you both.

I am "just" a photographer but I am also an adventurer and I would LOVE to help craft YOUR day.

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I want to know you

If you want your wedding to be about you and your love story,

If you are not afraid to wake up early to do a 3h hike,

If you are not afraid to go on adventures

and make your wedding day an adventure,

If you want your pictures to reflect your feelings in the moment

I want to know you

and help you accomplish your dream wedding.

"The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more. That plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds.” — Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook
Wedding flower vendor
Engagement session

I focus on elopements

but here is all I can do for you.


Engagements / Proposals

Whether you want to propose or you already did but you want to immortalize it, that is something that I do. I can be a little spy to capture the big moment or help you stage the proposal you already did.


Intimate Weddings

I don't do big weddings but if you plan on having a small and intimate wedding (less than 30 people), I am the girl for you!


Destination Weddings

You want a wedding but you want somewhere exotic that is not where you live everyday or the place you two meet.

Destination weddings are a thing. You can travel and make your family and friends travel with you. It can be as big as you want.

It is different from eloping but you can see it like a big holiday shared with your loved ones.



You really want to get married but you want to skip the fuss of organizing or choosing between your second cousin or your partner's horrible aunt? You want it to be more about you, be more authentic to what your love really is? (aka just doing what your partner and yourself love for your special day).

Elopements exist for this reason. You can have this small ceremony with just your partner, your officiant and yourself. It can be a few more close people as well.

You can choose to celebrate whichever way you would like. It could be on the beach, in the mountains, on a river... Name your dream wedding and make it happen.


Vow renewals / Post mariage photo session

You did a big wedding but you want to do another photo session in your wedding attire? You want to renew your wows but on top of a mountain? I can help you with that as well!

I am here to help you figure out your options and

capture the moment that will be in your heads and your hearts forever.

I am located in Alberta, Canada

near the Canadian Rockies, Banff, Lake Peyto,

Kananaskis, Canmore and much more.

(but I would gladly travel anywhere!)

Bride walking down the mountain
Engagement Shoot
Wedding shoot on top of a mountain
Engagement session for Christmas
Wedding in the French Alps
Couple photo session ice skating at lake louise in alberta
Couple session outdoor
Wedding vendor close up
Wedding photoshoot after a hike
Newly weds dancing in the sunrise
Bride kissing the groom
Wedding vendor photoshoot
Bride and Groom walking out of the courthouse
Couple session at a beach in France
Bride kissing the groom with a mountain background

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